Hon. Thomas Warriner (Ret.)

Mediator | Arbitrator | Referee

  • Presenter at training program for members of the California Legal Specialties – Family Law (February 2019).  Training focused on Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation or Nullity of Marriage Litigation – Opening Statements and Motions in Limine.

  • Mediated a family law matter wherein the parties agreed upon a method to assure full and fair accounting for all payments (base salary, bonuses, and gifts) made by grandparents to one of the parties (an adult child) who was employed full time in the large family business.  Base salary and bonuses were to be used for child support calculations. Spousal support was agreed to be gradually reduced (pursuant to a schedule) to “0” by the time the parties’ children would be expected to start college.

  • Conducted family law trials in many Northern California counties dealing with custody, visitation, property and support.

  • Family Law case involving two serving members of the USAF assigned to the same case. Required the coordination of state DV orders and the reality of active military service.

  • Member of the Governors Blue Ribbon Commission on child support enforcement.


Representative cases